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"We are blessed to be a blessing"

Sundays: (1st) 7:00am - 8:30am

We meet every Sunday for our celebration service.

Sundays: (2nd) 8:31am - 10:00am

We meet every Sunday for our celebration service.

Moments of blessing (TV Gotel)

Mondays 6:30pm, Saturdays (Repeat) 6:30pm.

Wednesdays 5pm

A time of deep interaction with the Word

About URC


In 1975, Bishop Peter Makanto, as a young man then, sensed the call of God upon His life into the full time Ministry of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. By the turn of 1985 the Lord further showed him a vision of a key, which he saw for some days in the spirit, after which, he received, a word, from the Lord, saying, “A life of Prayer and the Ministry of the Word is what the Lord will use, through his chosen people even the saints, who will obey him, along these lines, to usher souls in their countless numbers into his Kingdom”. Acts 6:4. This experience led to the birth of the first camp meeting in September 1985, under the auspices of All Christian Camp Ministry [ACCM].
He passionately continued in the pursuit of the vision, with a couple of brethren, who were moved by the Spirit of the vision, till 1993, during which, the Lord instructed him, for the purpose of continuity, he needed to start up a parish Church, through which, he will share in more detail the vision and also practice, what is required of any person that runs with it, with the sole purpose of continuous effective transmission of the same, to the present and future Generations. It is to this vision you are welcome to be a part. The Upper Room Chapel started in their humble aboard at No. 1 Dumne Close, Federal Low – cost, Jimeta – Yola with his wife, Pastor Esther Makanto as his co-founder and a couple of some brethren.


Ushering Ministry, Prayer Chain Ministry, Sanctuary Keepers Ministry, Sanitation Ministry, Camp singers International, Welfare Ministry, Media Ministry, and Evangelism Ministry. The requirement for joining each Ministry is to join the believers class first, after completion of the class, feel free to approach any of the ushers or leaders to introduce you to the activities of each ministry. You may as well check on the notice board or contact inquiries.


In order to prepare a ladder for your Spiritual growth and effective service we have what we call the Believers School already mentioned, a Bible School which we ran from time to time especially in March and August each year, please get in touch with the Church office for more details. Get yourself enrolled as quickly as possible. Here, within the church premises we have a Play class, Nursery, Primary (CK), and a Secondary (LLA) for your kids or wards.


We run seminars on specialized subjects, e.g. Business, Leadership, Church growth etc For the Church members and its leadership from time to time.


We have cell groups scattered all over the town, try and locate the one that is most convenient for you to attend. You need this connection for the cell provides immediate fellowship and exposes you easily to the entire leadership team of the Church. In case of emergency and special care, the cell members are there for you. Take advantage of this arrangement by being a faithful member. The advantages are multifaceted. Discover for yourself its blessing! Above all it is based on sound biblical teachings that will make you a stalwart Christian.

Our Office
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We will give ourselves continually to Prayer and the Ministry of the Word. Acts 6:4
We are to reach the world through ompassionate Prayers. Preaching and Teaching of the Word of God with signs and wonders following with the sole purpose of changing lives and kingdom building.

Meet Our Pastors

Below are those the Lord found and given Pastorate responsibilites in the House